Wore Victorian Vintage Blouses This Summer? Tips To Also Wear Them In The Winter

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Wore Victorian Vintage Blouses This Summer? Tips To Also Wear Them In The Winter

13 November 2018
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If you wore Victorian vintage blouses this summer, you do not have to put them away when the temperatures get cold outside. Instead, there are changes you can make to let you continue wearing your favorite blouses without freezing in the cold weather. Below is more information about this so you can start making plans now.

Wear a Blazer

No matter what type of Victorian vintage blouses you wear you can add a blazer over them to keep you warm. You can choose from different materials, such as wool, tweed, flannel, leather, linen, cotton blend, and cashmere.

You can also find blazers in a variety of colors such as tan, black, brown, green, red, and more. You could choose a color that either contrasts with your Victorian blouse or choose a blazer that will match well with the main colors in the blouse.

You can wear the blouse and blazer with a pair of jeans or with a pair of dress pants. If you also have Victorian skirts, you could wear a skirt with the blazer and blouse.

Wear a Shawl

If you do not want to wear a blazer you can wear a shawl over your blouse. A shawl is a large piece of fabric that is generally in a rectangular shape. You can also find shawls in square or triangular shapes, however. No matter what shape you purchase the shawl wraps around your body. Shawls are made with different types of materials. Because the Victorian blouses you were are likely made with thin materials, you should choose wool or other type of warm fabric for your shawl.

Wear a Stole

A stole is much like a shawl but is much more formal. The stole is longer and has more fabric to wrap around your body. This would work well if you wear your blouse with a skirt, as the stole is large enough that it covers more of your body. Add a pair of boots to keep your legs warm and you will be all set.

Visit a vintage store in your area to look at these different types of clothing. Wear your blouses there and try different things on so you can decide what you would like best. You can also find all this clothing online. You could purchase more Victorian clothing also, such as skirts, pants, hats and more. You will then be ready for the warm weather when it comes back in.